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15 Strong
Strong and enveloping
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Black Death Coffee is the strongest coffee in the world in capsules compatible Nespresso with the highest concentration of caffeine on the market!
A VeroCaffè exclusive.


Its taste is spiced with a hint of chocolate and aromatic wood, with a lingering aftertaste and slight astringent notes.
Its dense texture and rigorous, long-lasting golden creaminess enhance the distinctive sweet flavour that recalls, in the prolonged aftertaste, the savouriness of gianduiotto with spicy tones.

The composition of Black Death Coffee is made up of 75% Robusta Uganda, a variety of coffee grown mainly on the shores of Lake Victoria, at an altitude of between 900 and 1200 metres, characterised by a hot and humid tropical climate, which give it its characteristic herbaceous notes, and 25% Robusta Vietnam, a variety of coffee grown mainly in the Dak Lak area, a land characterised by a volcanic soil rich in minerals.



  • 50 Capsules compatible with Nespresso

*The Nespresso® brand is not property of VeroCaffè or any companies related to it.

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Price €19.00
Capsules 50
Intensity 15
Taste Strong and enveloping
Manufacturer Black Death Coffee
System Nespresso®*