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Universal accessories for every need


At VeroCaffè you can find all the accessories you need to make exceptional coffee.

For the proper maintenance of your coffee machine, the decalcifying liquid and the limescale softener are essential to ensure the proper functioning of the device for a prolonged period of time. 
Also have a look at our useful compostable coffee stirrers and cups for your coffee, and stock up on white, brown or aromatic sugar.

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  1. Coffee Machine Twin Didiesse - Macchinetta New in

    Twin - paper pods coffee machine

    Didiesse Twin professional paper pod coffee machine with two coffee groups and one steam group.

    €599.00 €490.98
  2. Capsopener compatibile with Nespresso New in


    Capsule emptier for the proper recycling of capsules compatible with Nespresso.

    €13.90 €11.39
  3. Capsule Coffee Maker Cleaner

    The pack contains 5 capsules for the internal cleaning of the Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machines.

    €12.50 €10.25
  4. Flavoured Sugar Novaroma Novarese Zuccheri - Zucchero Aromatizzato New in

    Novarese Zuccheri

    Flavoured Sugar Novaroma

    80 Bags in 5 assorted varieties of flavoured sugar 

    €5.00 €4.10
  5. Brown Sugar Service Kit - Kit zucchero di canna New in

    Brown Sugar Service Kit

    Compostable kit with 100 pieces of brown sugar, scoops and cups.

    €4.50 €3.69
  6. White Sugar Service Kit - Kit zucchero bianco New in

    White sugar service kit

    Compostable kit with 100 pieces of white sugar, scoops and cups.

    €4.00 €3.28
  7. Descaling Liquid

    Descaling Liquid, useful for the the correct maintenance of the coffee machine.

    €10.00 €8.20
  8. Oscar Antiscale Softener

    The Oscar softener is a professional anti-limescale system useful for the proper maintenance of the coffee machine and helps prevent limescale build-up.

    €7.00 €5.74
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